Father & Daughter Film Report


We now continue with some more of the great films shown at Oklahoma's deadCenter Film Festival, which was a perfect blend of film, networking, and fantastic panels.

For coverage on the festival itself, check out Part I by clicking on the image on the right... 

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This is one of those films that we can't describe too many details of without giving the story away.

We can tell you this:

A teacher checks into a motel room to kill himself, then runs into one of his old students in the next room.

That's all the plot we can tell you.

We can tell you this was one of the most stunning and powerful films we've ever seen, and the reaction from the audience at deadCenter was a clear indication we weren't the only ones that felt this way.

Richard Kind as the teacher and David Rysdahl as the student were excellent, making a very simple story PROFOUND.

You may want to read what happened in Romania when communism collapsed in 1989 to fully appreciate this moving documentary on the dramatic life changes of Romanian Bunee Tomlinson and his American adoptive parents.

This unique story blends into the film itself, for Bunee became a film maker and is the director, stating the most difficult element in producing the film was trying to take all of the photos, film, & stories to tell the story in an interesting way.

The new director handled this quite well, for not only was it popular at deadCenter, but was accepted into the Cannes Film Festival as well.


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