Father & Daughter Film Report

"...the Sundance of Military Film Festivals..."


There are very valid reasons the G.I. Film Festival is know as 'the Sundance of military film festivals', outside of the obvious fact that in its 11th year it is not only the largest, but also the one that has the most going on.

First, each and every year there are stars galore who turn out to be a part of this important film & industry event, check out some of the past:



For 2017...

This year one of the special guests is the Oscar nominee, Golden Globe and Emmy winner Tom Berenger, along with some other huge names which you can check out at:

Great films....Stars.....that's not even the half of what you can expect at what we lovingly call GIFF...another item on this film festival's menu are its special events, which usually takes place in special places, and for special causes - check these out:

Pitchfest...?  That's right, a Pitchfest...!  How many film festivals have you been to that has an actual Pitchfest at the festival...?

Probably none.  Well, at GIFF 2017 there are twenty filmmakers who get a shot at selling their story concept to industry pros, and we'll let you know the results of that in a future report.  In the meantime, we were lucky to run into one of the lucky persons who was selected, just to give you an idea of what's on the lineup:

Notice the one liner up there on the top of the poster?  "The only way back home alive...is dead

That is a key element and twist to this exciting action/adventure (and we should add survival) story by Ret. Major Frances Cheever.   Unfortunately we can't tell you any more because besides ruining the story... all this stuff is classified.

However, we can tell say in the same way you read that line and thought: "I understand the sentence, but...what the heck does that mean?"...how that line plays out in the script will blow your mind.  

With three decades of service in many areas of Combat Medicine  (for example, Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC), Ret. Major Frances A. Cheever is also active in getting Veterans in Film & Television, a Film Military Production Coordinator & Consultant and just completed her Masters in Producing Film, Television, and Video from American University.  She also heads Squeaky Reel Productions and is a military liaison for casting & production on big name films & TV shows...

If this is the quality of filmmaker that is PITCHING their film ideas, you can only imagine then the quality of the films that are SELECTED for you to enjoy.

And to see such great films in some of the most prestigious venues in Washington D.C. - everyone is a winner who takes part in the 2017 G.I. Film Festival - audience, film maker, celebrity, and most important - our veterans:

If you are a fan of films having to do with anything military, this festival is a must see.

If you make films having to do with anything military, this is a festival you must enter.

See you there....!