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Although currently in dissertation for a doctorate in the field of online instructional design, my first degree in psychology back in the 1970's also acted as an introduction into the art of describing human tendencies in relationship to the tendencies also found in the heavens.

Can insight to one's behavior be described by analysis of where the stars & planets were at the time of their birth?

You be the judge.

The signs of abuse in childhood are obvious, and while reports that both Kevin & his brother were abused by his father have already been published, the true extent of such trauma - and how it actually shapes behavior - are not widely known outside of the fact that "abused children tend to be abusers".

Let us consider the impact of such an experience using another case study to illustrate the degree such experiences can influence & even dictate behavior. The example is from an elementary aged youth who broke his arm in a rural area of West Texas. A school nurse provided first aid & what could be done as well as comfort the boy during the 50 mile trip to the nearest hospital.

It was discovered later in adulthood he was attracted to women with the same hair style as the nurse & that he felt the need to experience pain while having sex.  In other words, the sexual maturation process goes far beyond the physical signs such as growth spurts, change in voice, or the first signs of pubic hair.

There are psychological & spiritual factors that emerge from the result from abuse in childhood, not only in expectation of the physical trauma while having a sexual experience, but in psychologically believing such a horrific experience is 'how sex is supposed to be'.

Kevin Spacey in his youth

In most cases the child is not aware of these sub-conscious impressions, so naturally does not sense in any way anything is wrong so therefore does not seek help.  The Moon - reflecting one's emotions - in Aries placed on the opposite side of the chart from most of the other planets is another factor his early traumatic experiences were not considered out of place within his nature, for this Moon position can have one feel that all of his or her feelings are out of place.

An isolated Moon creating the feeling that one is out of place no matter the emotional circumstance will tend to reinforce the feeling they are not 'normal' to begin with, not allowing any emotional development with concepts in society we take for granted that are considered normal or proper behavior.

On top of this is mental construct are other forces due to an aspect of Mars & Pluto, acting as an internal 'radar' within Mr. Spacey, an intuitive radar that picks up impressions from others, however in this case, not just from a few people around him, but from multitudes of people world-wide.  One could say this configuration - perhaps a key in explaining his acting talent of portraying so many different personalities - is also the very element illustrating how people in the world shaped his behavior with our desires impressed upon his nature.

First let us examine some known historical events related to Pluto, for this planet, though far away, has been shown to be associated with many world events. 

For example:

Pluto entered the sign of Cancer 
Autumn of 1914

Pluto entered the sign of Leo 
Autumn of 1939

In most astrology books you may read that Pluto describes transformation, however what is not associated with this construct is the concept of mass transformation, for when Pluto makes a transit the events associated are those affecting nearly all of humanity, such as the starting of World War I and World War II as seen above.

The photo on the left is also an accurate portrayal of what it feels like to have the planet Pluto (represented by the tank) right next to a lone individual, which best represents Mars, or one's ego.  The image allows us to imagine the vibrations of multitudes of people - a massive force like the tank - bombarding the frail individual ego within an individual.  More often than not, the ego itself is not developed as an individual, but instead, is identified by the multitudes of other projected on to him.

The position of Pluto is marked by the symbol appearing as a "P" with an elongated line at the bottom, next to the symbol for Mars "♂".  Two planets appearing to be close together in the sky is called a 'conjunction'.

Next week we will explore the effects of two behavioral tendencies - the abuse & the massive outside world impression projections - when manifested in combination.
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