Father & Daughter Film Report

Well, we told you there would be a PART II since there were so many great films at Twister Alley 2016.  And as promised, here it is.  If you missed our first report, just go up to the library up top and check out the first report, but if you need a quick refresher click the Twister Alley Film Festival poster below to see the Promo Reel:

Cool, huh?

Now, we told you about Twister Alley itself in our previous report, plus must repeat this is one of the best festivals EVER to attend, whether you are a film maker, screenplay writer, member of the audience, or a student.

Student?  That's correct.  They have a wonderful student film section - as well as a special Oklahoma Films section, which we will feature at a later date - and we were lucky enough to catch the student winners at the opening BBQ for an interview, which you can see in this report too.

So, again, LOTS to show you. Shall we begin...?  OK, here we go!


INTERESTING BALL by Dan Kwan & Daniel Scheinert

This is one film that is simply mind-blowing.  The first couple of minutes you are going WTF??? but then when you get drawn in it starts to make sense.

Then it becomes PROFOUND when it all ties together.

We can't describe it with words...hit the image above and see for yourself.


MAN-O-MAN by Simon Cartwright

This film reminded me of the wave of weird French films that came out in the 1930's.
Amanda said it best: "Strange, strange, strange....but great!"
You can get an idea of some of what you can expect from the film by Simon's bio:

Since he was just a boy Simon has been consumed by a burning passion. A singular dream which drove him every day to become better, to hone his art and strive towards his ultimate goal; to become the best slap bass player in Leeds. For 6 years he toiled, earning tendonitis in both wrists from furious slapping and popping of heavy steel bass strings, calluses so thick he no longer could feel anything and a stiff neck from grooving so hard.

Then, one cold and stormy night while watching a funk band perform live he had an epiphany, a realisation so devastating he knew in that instance life would never be the same again…….nobody likes slap bass.

Panicked and in a haze of regret at wasting the best years of his life, Simon buried his bass beneath the town’s old oak tree, vowing never to pick it up again. He needed a new role in life, something so simple it would require no training or experience. Something even an idiot could do. Thankfully he had a back up plan. Having once seen an episode of Hey Arnold which was “alright” he decided to become an animation director.

So he moved to London and did an MA at the National Film and Television School and became a director and storyboard artist.

Now he makes films in a variety of mediums such as hand drawn, stop motion and cut out animation. More recently he’s been mixing animation with live action puppetry to combine the worst of everything, bringing him once again to the undeniable truth that he’s wasted his life.

Simon’s next move is to buy a metal detector.

That pretty much sums it up, for more information, check out his Facebook page below, and while your there, give it a like....

SMART MONKEY by Vincent Paronnaud & Nicolas Pawlowski


The struggle of the weak to survive the brutes is ancestral. In the Paleolithic jungle, a mischievous little monkey faces dangerous predators. An epilogue, taking place centuries later, reminds us that civilization was not founded on good feelings.

OK, we'll be honest, the trailer doesn't do this short film any justice.  There is a very deep and clever story, one well worth seeing, so we hope should you ever get a chance to see this, PLEASE DO.

There is a reason this won 




Animation by Wesley Núñez

Music by Wesley Núñez & HIRS THIRST

We LOVED this film and the MUSIC is fantastic too.. the entire film is up so take a look for yourself...

How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps by Ben Berman

Ben Berman is a writer/director working primarily in the comedy television world, with such credits as Comedy Bang! Bang! (2012), I'm a Mitzvah (2014), and this gem. Besides Amanda & I loving this, this won


check it out and see why....we think you'll love it too...!