Father & Daughter Film Report 

We are so excited to share with you an exciting monthly and annual event taking place in Austin, and we think you'll be excited too, especially if you are into Sci-Fi:

Bears Fonté, Don Elfant, and TEAM have created something really special for the SCI-FI fan, not only a great yearly festival (coming December 7 - 10th, 2017) but a monthly one as well at: 

The next one on May 4th, 2017 is their annual Fan Film Screening to honor 
Star Wars Day.

Last April's showing was our first experience at Other World's Austin and we were impressed with the selected films.  For example, the feature was not only a great story, but a beautifully conceived and produced work of art.

Click on image above to see trailer

We also learned from writer/director/producer Ian Truitner (IMDb) what made TELEIOS a unique Sci-Fi story:

"We've seen films about AI and films about human genetic modification. We haven't seen one with both while addressing the hierarchical inevitability that would occur when these three different forms of humans, normal, AI and genetically modified, all existed at the same time. That's what Teleios is about."

We also learned about other Sci-Fi stories that are out there for anyone to see on the net, for example:


Click on image above to see film

Last but not least, and actually, the film that started the evening was a treat as well, 

Grand Scheme Productions:


As you can see from these few clips that this SCI-FI festival appeals to the various degrees of Sci-Fi fans out there...again, something for every Sci-Fi fan out there...