Father & Daughter Film Report 

BEST OF 2015


The "BEST OF 2015" listings are unique to this blog, since Amanda and I may go our separate ways on some of the choices.....since, well, believe it or not.....we don't always agree on everything....

However, on some we do, and of course we'll let you know who has chosen what...

Ready? OK, here we go:


"Under the Blood Red Sun" 

Directed by:  Tim Savage 



While not many of us around had the chance to actually experience Pearl Harbor, the magic of this film, and what appeals to the ‘coming of age’ within all of us, is that it relates to the moment in our own life when we experience something that we know changes our lives forever...

click image to see trailer



"The Life & Death of an Unhappily Married Man" 

Written & Directed by:  Josh Hope


It’s very difficult to make Amanda laugh.  Me too, for that matter.  But to make both of us laugh?  Together?  But we did laugh here…a lot.  


Thriller/Horror Short Film 

"Job Interview" 

Written & Directed by:  Julia Walter


 Words would just ruin any attempt to describe this film - any words I know in English.  Oder irgendwelche Worte, die ich wissen, auf Deutsch.



Science Fiction Short Film 

"Welcome to Forever" 

Written & Directed by:  Laddie Ervin

 We ran across Welcome to Forever at the River Bend Film Festival in South Bend Indiana in April of 2015 and both were blown away by the special effects by Laddie Ervin, and actually both of us were blown away by the trailer, which is a unique circumstance, since we saw the trailer after having screened the entire film.

However, the trailer has a special quality on so many levels.  First, it allows us to conceptualize the set-up of the story without giving away any element of the storyline, so even though we have a clear idea of what type of society this futuristic world offers, and a few of the elements causing the conflict, we are still left wondering what in the world is going on here...and where exactly is this story going.

The perfectly done trailer. 

Second, this trailer is skillfully crafted building tension as if it were a mini-film itself, but leaves you with all kinds of questions.  See for yourself: