Father & Daughter Film Report



Major Ret. Frances A. Cheever 

Soldier for Life  

GIFF17 Pitchfest Winner

Pitchfest...?  That's right, a Pitchfest...!  How many film festivals have you been to that a filmmaker could do a pitch at the festival...? Probably none.  Well, at GIFF 2017 there was.

 Twenty filmmakers selected had a shot at selling their story concept to these industry professionals: 

Friday night all 20 selections pitched in front of the above judges, with three selected as finalists to do a pitch at the awards ceremony on Sunday night in front of the entire audience...

...and the winner is:

A cable prime time episodic military ensemble concept and screenplay was the action/drama storyline Frances pitched successfully.

Notice the one liner up there on the top of the poster?  "The only way back home alive...is dead

That is a key element and twist to this exciting action/adventure (and we should add survival) story by Ret. Major Frances Cheever.   Unfortunately we can't tell you any more because besides ruining the story... all this stuff is classified.

What we can tell you is that besides having all those industry powerhouses being introduced to the concept of RALLY POINT, the author, Major Ret. Frances A. Cheever will be flown to Los Angles by American Airlines, one of the long-time G. I. Film Festival Sponsors, to take her script and concept up to the next level... 

* * * * * 

With three decades of service in many areas of Combat Medicine  (for example, Walter Reed Medical Center in Washington, DC), Frances is also active in getting Veterans in Film & Television, a Film Military Production Coordinator & Consultant and just completed her Masters in Producing Film, Television, and Video from American University.  She also heads Squeaky Reel Productions and is a military liaison for casting & production on big name films & TV shows...

* * * * 

Click on the image above to visit Squeaky Reel Productions

If this is the quality of filmmaker that is PITCHING their film ideas, you can only imagine then the quality of the films that are SELECTED for you to enjoy at the G.I. Film Festival.

If you are a fan of films having to do with anything military, this festival is a must see.

If you make films having to do with anything military, this is a festival you must enter, either your film or your idea...

More information at:

Dad & Frances before the big celebration for her screenplay & concept Rally Point