Father & Daughter Film Report

South x South West


Film & Music & Festival &...

It's quite difficult to describe the South by South West Film Festival with words.

So let's use images....

Here's the schedule:


COME EARLY is usually enough to see the films you want to see at any festival...

However even THAT might not help you see what you came to see at SXSW...there's not only tons of films to see, but tons of people crowding into Austin to see all the films....and music....and theater....and.....and....and


As well as being beautiful and memorable ones, in one case, just image sitting outside watching a film, with all of downtown Austin as a backdrop:

Great Films? Tons of them, hands down. 

And with seven to 12 venues showing film on any given day, NO WAY you're going to see them all.  Even with Father taking one and Daughter taking another venue, NO WAY could we even come close to covering 1/4th of this event.

So rather than sharing with you the concepts behind some of the films seen, in this report we will simply focus on just one, the ORIGINAL:

Ghost in the Shell

 Deeply SCI-FI....

Interwoven philosophical themes centered around self-identity in a world advanced in technology.

Kind of like:


Kind of like....?  Well, actually very much alike...

One can see many visual elements and constructs of The Matrix in Ghost in the Shell to a point to where the similarities are obvious.

Except we must remember that Ghost in the Shell came out in 1995...

 ...some four years before The Matrix (1999).

One can say "The devil is in the details" and here they are for the original film:

* * * * * 

Check out the trailer to the original


* * * * * *

Actually, it was quite refreshing to take a second look, or in case you haven't seen the original, a historical look at this story that is considered one of the greatest anime films of all time...

...and perfect timing to check out the original, since we have the 2017 re-make now coming out.